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Deftwave Artist


Embark on a spiritual journey with Liz-Mari, the Gospel luminary under the wings of Deftwave Music. Originating from South Africa, her melodic odyssey in Gospel emerged as a profound calling, now flourishing into a radiant force in the genre.

🎶 Notable Works:
In The Garden
Lead Me To The Cross Hillsong (lei my na die kruis) (Afrikaans)
Grace Unbounded (Upcoming)

🚀 Rise to Spirituality:

Liz-Mari’s ascent in the Gospel realm has been marked by transcendent performances. Her voice, a divine instrument, resonates with audiences seeking solace and inspiration, leaving an everlasting imprint on the hearts of those who bear witness to her soul-stirring renditions.

🌐 Deftwave Music:

Liz-Mari’s spiritual journey finds a harmonious home under Deftwave Music label. The collaboration promises to amplify the ethereal power of her upcoming releases, further enriching the label’s diverse musical tapestry.