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Deftwave Artist


🎙️ Bio:

Meet MAL, the soulful enchantress under the spotlight of Deftwave Music Label. A Zimbabwean hailing in South Africa , MAL’s vocals weave a tale of emotion and strength, paying homage to R&B traditions with a modern twist. Her journey began as a dream, now manifesting into a resonant force in the genre.

🎶 Notable Works:

Sunset (Collaboration)
Your Love (Upcoming)
Dreaming (Upcoming)

🌐 Deftwave Music:

MAL’s artistry finds a home under Deftwave Music label. The collaboration promises to elevate her soul-stirring sound to new heights, amplifying the impact of her upcoming releases.

Follow MAL’s musical journey as she continues to redefine contemporary R&B, painting sonic landscapes that resonate with the heart and soul.