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Deftwave Artist
Rizzy Razor

Rizzy Razor

The charismatic melodic rapper, Rizzy Razor. Born and bred in the vibrant streets of Rustenburg South Africa, Rizzy’s journey into the world of music began as a rhythmic escape from the challenges of urban life. His unique blend of melodic flows and poignant storytelling sets him apart as a true maverick in the realm of hip-hop.

🌟 Musical Style:

Rizzy Razor effortlessly weaves melodic hooks into his verses, creating an immersive sonic experience that resonates with fans across the spectrum. His voice serves as a powerful instrument, riding the beats with a smooth finesse that effortlessly transitions between soulful melodies and thought-provoking lyrics.

🎶 Influences:

Drawing inspiration from legends like Drake, Kid Cudi, and J. Cole, Rizzy Razor molds his sound by blending contemporary melodic rap with timeless storytelling. His influences shine through in his ability to create music that not only captivates the audience but also delves into the depths of human emotion.

🔥 Notable Tracks:

Burn ft Shambii
Sokolo ft Kay Rose

📀 Upcoming Projects:

1. Only You Single


Burn Single

Rizzy Razor