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Deftwave Artist
Something Dope

Something Dope

🎤 Bio:
Something Dope, a South African Hip-Hop collective making waves under the banner of Deftwave Music. Comprising the diverse talents of Young Kid, Red Rose, Baby Lexx, Baggie Drip, Nzilox, and Loyal Tee, their synergy creates a sonic experience that reflects the vibrant tapestry of their homeland.

🎶 Notable Tracks:

Love Stroke

🚀 Rise to Sonic Heights:

Something Dope’s ascent to prominence is fueled by the unique blend of each member’s skills. From the streets of South Africa to international acclaim, Young Kid, Red Rose, Baby Lexx, Baggie Drip, Nzilox, and Loyal Tee collectively craft bars that resonate globally while honoring their cultural roots.

🌐 Deftwave Music Label:

As torchbearers for Young South African Hip-Hop, Something Dope proudly calls Deftwave Music home. The collaboration emphasizes their cultural influence and positions them as leaders in the global Young Hip-Hop movement.

🌍 International Fusion:

Infusing their lyrics with tales of the young generation life, Something Dope celebrates the rich tapestry of South African culture while seamlessly incorporating global influences. The result is a dynamic fusion that resonates with listeners from diverse backgrounds.


Love Stroke DEMO

Something Dope