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Our Services

Modern music

Our Services

Our services cover everything a modern musician might need, from audio recording solutions to mixing and mastering services, provided at affordable prices.


Our Best Works

Sound Recording
ClientLetitia PopeDateApril, 2018AuthorMoris Watson
Sound Equipment
ClientRaymond FranklinDateMarch, 2020AuthorMoris Watson
Music Album
ClientLetitia PopeDateJune, 2019AuthorJohn Miles
Jazz Music
ClientLetitia PopeDateNovember, 2019AuthorAmy Walker
Music Mixtape
ClientLetitia PopeYear2023AuthorMoris Watson
Music Record
ClientLetitia PopeYear2023AuthorMoris Watson
Quality Recording
ClientLetitia PopeYear2023AuthorMoris Watson

Basic Artist

  • Access to the music studio during regular operating hours
  • 2 studio sessions per week.
  • Maximum of 2 Songs a Month.
  • Song Cover Art
  • Discounted rates for additional studio equipment rental.
  • Free Wi-Fi access.

Professional Artist

  • Access to the music studio during regular operating hours
  • 3 studio sessions per week.
  • Maximum of 3 Songs a Month.
  • Song Cover Art
  • Artist Social Content (Reels & Posts) using 4K Cameras
  • Collaboration opportunities with other Pro Members.
  • Online Music Publishing
  • Free Wi-Fi Access
  • Get Basic Merch (t-shirts) etc
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Full Access
  • All features of the Pro Membership.
  • Get Artist Website & Social Marketing.
  • Extended access to the music studio beyond regular operating hours, allowing for flexible scheduling.
  • Collaboration opportunities with other VIP & Pro Members.
  • Personalized training sessions with our in-house
  • Artist Social Content (Reels, Ads, Posts) using 4K Cameras
  • Online Music Publishing
  • Get every new Merch for free
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Louisa Peters

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